Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We've officially gone private!

Our new blog address is:


If you haven't been added and would like to keep updated with our family leave me a message or e-mail me at stacy.young23@yahoo.com!

love, The Youngs


Ami Stokes said...

NO WAY, Stacy! Hi long-lost "Got Beauty Buddy"...Seriously, I cannot believe how cute your little family is! You have a little rugrat (and she's GORGEOUS!), I have a little one too! Can you believe it, we are all grown up with husband, babies, and our cosmetology licenses! YAY!! We have come a long way from our retail days as Got beauty girls... So I totally want to have access to your darling blog when you go private...I am contemplating doing the same. My e-mail address is: tandastokes@gmail.com
Soooo good to see your fabulous face!!!
love your gutz,

Sarah said...


RhettandCass said...

please add me cassidy_mason@yahoo.com

Ashley Wilson said...


The Elbaba's said...

Hey I dont think our email worked. Will you send an invite again? lacyelbaba@gmail.com


Melanie Fox said...

hi add me melanie.haskell@gmail.com

Mary said...

Add me! maryclark87@gmail