Sunday, June 29, 2008


We have now been in our new place for a week and we absolutely love it! It's so clean and nice, and it feels like home. We have been decorating, and it is so cute! We went to clean the old place yesterday to get it ready for the new tenants and when we got there I realized how small it was. I don't know how we lived there for as long as we did. I am really grateful that we did live there because I appreciate what we have now so much! We are so blessed with what we have.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


For my bridals we went to the Spanish Fork Golf Course. Like all of my pictures for the wedding, it was very overcast. It had been raining that morning, and we were really close to rescheduling, but we went for it. It sprinkled a little bit and it was freezing, but they turned out great!


Our family's had a couple times they got to meet during the wedding process. My mom threw us a wedding dinner, and then again at the wedding. I'm so happy Morgan is a part of his family, and I am apart of his! Most of all, I am happy are our own little family right now!


For our honeymoon we drove to San Diego. Morgan had never been there, and I had only been there when I was young, so we were both extatic to go! We left bright and early.. around 6am on Saturday to drive to Saint George. We were going to stay there the first night, and drive the rest of the way on After that we went to lunch and then headed to the outlets. At our first stop Morgan was going to buy a shirt for me, and he pulled out his card. The lady asked for his I.D. and he didn't have it! He had no idea where it was, and he had no other proof of I.D. We called the hotels, and of course, we couldn't check in without I.D. and I wasn't listed on them with him. Luckily, we had planned to eat dinner with Morg's sister Holly which lives there so we called her and went over there, so we could use the interenet and change everything in my name. It all worked out great, and I was so happy we got to hang out with his family! We don't get to see them very often because they live so far away, and they are so amazing! They have the cutest little kids ever. We went to dinner with them later and then went back to the hotel. The next day we headed off to California. I had never driven there so I didn't know what to expect... there was really nothing to see till we got there. It's pretty dead in between Vegas and San Diego. We stayed in Old Town which was so cute! We went to all the shops in Old Town and the haunted house. We aso went to Sea World and the malls. We had fun just hanging out and being together! It was the perfect start to us! I love road trips!


I graduated from Dallas Roberts Academy in April 2007 with my cosmetology license. At the time I was working at a Salon in Sugarhouse and I really loved my job, but I was commuting from Springville! It was taking me and hour to get to work and an hour back so I felt like I was working 11 hour days! I was missing out on life, and all the fun things I could be doing. At the time Morgan and I decided to look for a place in Salt Lake City so I could keep my job. I looked for days and days. I spent a lot of hours driving around, looking at classifieds, browsing KSL and Craigslist with no luck. There were so many places available, but I kept coming up with every excuse why we shouldn't live there so I decided I really didn't want to live in Salt Lake. I am more of a small town girl, and I almost felt dirty living there. I had lived there a little before, and I just didn't like the traffic and all the people. I didn't feel like I was anybody special up there because of all the people! My life was moving in a different direction and I decided to take the plunge and put in my two weeks. I was really sad to go, and I ended up staying there about two months longer than planned to find another job. I left around Thanksgiving and started looking for greener pastures in Utah County. I started at a Salon in Payson and realized whoa! This totally isn't me. I was so used to the fast paced, always busy, easy clientele in Salt Lake and went to sitting around, hopefully getting one or two clients. If you know me, I go crazy if I sit around for too long so I decided to get a second job on top of that at a bank. I had talked to my manager about it, but when it actually happened she didn't like it. She wanted my full attention at the salon, but honestly I couldn't pay the bills with the job so, for the first time in my life I quit. I hate that and I'm not that kind of girl! I like having one job for a long time, and so I felt so low quitting. Anyway, it was a blessing in disguise because I now have a job I love at the bank! I am doing hair on the side and love doing it for friends and family. Hair has now become my hobby, and Morgan said when we own a home he will put a salon in so I can have a designated place to do hair!


I can say I'm a picture freak! I love pictures, and I love putting them up all over my apartment, so I was extremely excited for our engagement pictures. We kept putting off taking our engagements because of the weather. It was extremely wet and snowy this year so spring also came a little late. We waited until the last minute to see if would warm up, or turn even a little green, but it didn't. It was actually very cold and overcast the day of pictures. I would wear my jacket right up to taking the pictures, and we actually have our jacket on in a couple of pictures. All in all, because it was overcast, we had great lighting for Kelli. I have to say, I love my engagement pictures even better than the wedding pictures and my bridals. She just did an amazing job, and I feel like I look like myself. I don't know why, but I feel a little too done up in some of my wedding pictures. Morgan is really fun to take pictures with becase he is so funny! He was making funny comments, and making us laugh so hard, and you can tell! There's one picture where I'm actually doubled over in laughter, because there was a cat that kept following Kelli when we were behind the riverwoods. Sounds crazy, but Morgan likes to cats. He thinks he can speak cat, and sadly, they really do listen. Trust me though, when he does, it's absolutely hilarious!!

Just Married

Morgan and I were married May 9th at the White Willow. The day started out a little hectic, but ended absolutely perfect. I decided to do my hair myself, which might sound crazy but I whenever I got my hair done for dances I always came home, took it out, and re-did it myself. Plus, I wanted to put in extensions. I have always wanted my hair to be super long for my wedding, like every girl, but unfortunately it wasn't by that time so I used my next option... extensions, and it worked great! All my friends and family have been so supportive, and absolutely love Morgan. I couldn't wait to marry him. When it came time to walk down the aisle it seemed like a dream. I walked in, my arm in my dads and looked at Morgan. He had the biggest smile, and I knew he was extremely excited! When I got to the alter, I looked at Morgan, and he looked like he was about to cry. We both went through a lot right before the wedding and it was so amazing the day had finally came. After saying our "I do's" we took pictures and mingled the rest of the night. We were so happy to see everyone we cared so much about there supporting us. It was the perfect night.
(Thanks to Kelli for the amazing pictures! She's one of my closest friends, and a great photographer)