Saturday, July 26, 2008


Morgan and I have been married almost three months now and loving every minute. Being married is more than I ever thought, and there is a joy that comes with that which I had never known before. He is the most wonderful husband, and I am excited to one day go through the temple with him. I feel like we are true soul mates, and I am truly lucky :)

About a month a go we moved to our new place in Spanish Fork, which is so cute! I am finally getting it decorated how I like and it's truly coming together! I love being so close to work, family, and friends. We plan on being here for a couple years, and maybe even starting a family here.

On the 24th of July Morgan and I went to the Spanish Fork parade with Ian and Emily. It was a lot of fun! That day, we also attended another tradition... sushi! It's a new tradition, but after the discovery of a good sushi place in Provo I keep getting cravings for sushi making it a weekly occurance. I am glad Morgan, Ian, and Emily like it just as much so I can continue to satisfy my craving!

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