Wednesday, June 18, 2008


For our honeymoon we drove to San Diego. Morgan had never been there, and I had only been there when I was young, so we were both extatic to go! We left bright and early.. around 6am on Saturday to drive to Saint George. We were going to stay there the first night, and drive the rest of the way on After that we went to lunch and then headed to the outlets. At our first stop Morgan was going to buy a shirt for me, and he pulled out his card. The lady asked for his I.D. and he didn't have it! He had no idea where it was, and he had no other proof of I.D. We called the hotels, and of course, we couldn't check in without I.D. and I wasn't listed on them with him. Luckily, we had planned to eat dinner with Morg's sister Holly which lives there so we called her and went over there, so we could use the interenet and change everything in my name. It all worked out great, and I was so happy we got to hang out with his family! We don't get to see them very often because they live so far away, and they are so amazing! They have the cutest little kids ever. We went to dinner with them later and then went back to the hotel. The next day we headed off to California. I had never driven there so I didn't know what to expect... there was really nothing to see till we got there. It's pretty dead in between Vegas and San Diego. We stayed in Old Town which was so cute! We went to all the shops in Old Town and the haunted house. We aso went to Sea World and the malls. We had fun just hanging out and being together! It was the perfect start to us! I love road trips!

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