Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I graduated from Dallas Roberts Academy in April 2007 with my cosmetology license. At the time I was working at a Salon in Sugarhouse and I really loved my job, but I was commuting from Springville! It was taking me and hour to get to work and an hour back so I felt like I was working 11 hour days! I was missing out on life, and all the fun things I could be doing. At the time Morgan and I decided to look for a place in Salt Lake City so I could keep my job. I looked for days and days. I spent a lot of hours driving around, looking at classifieds, browsing KSL and Craigslist with no luck. There were so many places available, but I kept coming up with every excuse why we shouldn't live there so I decided I really didn't want to live in Salt Lake. I am more of a small town girl, and I almost felt dirty living there. I had lived there a little before, and I just didn't like the traffic and all the people. I didn't feel like I was anybody special up there because of all the people! My life was moving in a different direction and I decided to take the plunge and put in my two weeks. I was really sad to go, and I ended up staying there about two months longer than planned to find another job. I left around Thanksgiving and started looking for greener pastures in Utah County. I started at a Salon in Payson and realized whoa! This totally isn't me. I was so used to the fast paced, always busy, easy clientele in Salt Lake and went to sitting around, hopefully getting one or two clients. If you know me, I go crazy if I sit around for too long so I decided to get a second job on top of that at a bank. I had talked to my manager about it, but when it actually happened she didn't like it. She wanted my full attention at the salon, but honestly I couldn't pay the bills with the job so, for the first time in my life I quit. I hate that and I'm not that kind of girl! I like having one job for a long time, and so I felt so low quitting. Anyway, it was a blessing in disguise because I now have a job I love at the bank! I am doing hair on the side and love doing it for friends and family. Hair has now become my hobby, and Morgan said when we own a home he will put a salon in so I can have a designated place to do hair!

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Jackie said...

I really wish I lived near you. I don't trust anyone out here with my hair. I've been looking for months but havent found anyone yet. I want you to do my hair, and eyebrows. last time I went to a salon the girl really messed up my eyebrows. I hardly had eyebrows after her butch job to them...
And, I miss my big sis tons and tons!