Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I can say I'm a picture freak! I love pictures, and I love putting them up all over my apartment, so I was extremely excited for our engagement pictures. We kept putting off taking our engagements because of the weather. It was extremely wet and snowy this year so spring also came a little late. We waited until the last minute to see if would warm up, or turn even a little green, but it didn't. It was actually very cold and overcast the day of pictures. I would wear my jacket right up to taking the pictures, and we actually have our jacket on in a couple of pictures. All in all, because it was overcast, we had great lighting for Kelli. I have to say, I love my engagement pictures even better than the wedding pictures and my bridals. She just did an amazing job, and I feel like I look like myself. I don't know why, but I feel a little too done up in some of my wedding pictures. Morgan is really fun to take pictures with becase he is so funny! He was making funny comments, and making us laugh so hard, and you can tell! There's one picture where I'm actually doubled over in laughter, because there was a cat that kept following Kelli when we were behind the riverwoods. Sounds crazy, but Morgan likes to cats. He thinks he can speak cat, and sadly, they really do listen. Trust me though, when he does, it's absolutely hilarious!!

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Jackie said...

Thats hillarious I never knew morgan thought he could talk to cats. lol!!!