Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baby Shower

Yesterday my Aunt Katherine threw a baby shower for me and baby Paige. She made the yummiest snacks, and made everyone feel welcome in her home. There were a lot of people who came, and I really realized how much my little family to be is loved. Everyone was so generous and thoughtful, and I really appreciate all they do for me. I especially love the home made gifts that people really put a lot of their precious time and effort to make.

Now that I am so close to Paige's birthday I have been really thinking a lot about how everything is going to change. I feel so blessed to be getting such a precious little soul and for Morgan and I to be trusted enough to raise her. I want to do my best, and really be a great mother. I already love her, and I feel so emotional when I think of her, and how lucky I am to have a daughter.

Thank you to all who came yesterday, and for all the love and support you have shown me, Morgan, and baby Paige. I can't wait for everyone to meet her!


Andrea said...

She is going to be gorgeous! It was so fun seeing you yesterday, I know you're going to have your hands full in a few days, but we need to do better at keeping in touch.

Mary said...

You are TINY! You look great. You are going to loose all that baby weight when you deliver...since you look like you haven't gained anything! That's great! Can't wait to see pics of her. I love the quilt by the way!